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 The Kamper Kaddy is great for...

  • Pull-out steps enable easy access in and out of camper
  • Porch
  • Tailgate party
  • Ajustable height

 The Kamper Kaddy is a multi-functional platform  attachment to any camper or RV.  Manufactured from all stainless  aluminum, the Kamper Kaddy has an anti-skid tread plate and universally  mounts on any trailer hitch, easily. "Much safer entry and exit." 


Options and Accessories

  • Custom Decorative Silhouettes
  • All Purpose Ramp with Entry Step
  • Towing Capacity of 10,000 lbs. with Tork-Lift Super Hitch



  • Dimension: W 24" x L 84"
  • Weight~80 lbs
  • Capacity ~600 lbs.
  • MSRP:  $1995.00 plus shipping and tax



The Kamper Kaddy Story

People say necessity is the father of invention... 

I am a seasoned fabricator. A bit old and broken up, and love to  fish. I bought a nice camper for my truck and went fishing for salmon.  After loading the inside of my camper with coolers, chairs and  equipment, I realized I needed a carrying rack of some sort to attach on  the back of the camper. My bad knees weren't getting any better going  up and down the ladder step of the camper. I searched for the something  suitable, but all I could find was low quality stuff that I could not  trust to carry heavy items.

So out of retirement I came...

After kicking off some dust, or brushing out some stainless steel, I  crafted my platform that would be safe, allow easy entry, and carry my  equipment. Perfect! Back to retirement, back on the road to go fishing  with extra space inside the camper and my goods secured to my new caddy

Perfect? So perfect that I couldn't get to my destination without  people asking me to pull over and tell them where they could buy this...  kaddy. So, a patent here, a trademark there, and the Kamper Kaddy was  born! 

Then I heard, "Hey John, can you tow behind it?" 

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